Travel & Tourism Business Management with Co-op

If you love people, like to learn about different cultures, and are customer-service oriented, one of our travel and tourism programs could be for you! We will help you build a diverse set of skills to work in the different travel and tourism sectors – think land, air, or sea. Our diploma programs both have a 5 star level endorsement from the Association of Canadian Travel Agencies (ACTA).

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Travel & Tourism Business Management

2 Year Diploma with Co-op

Term 1 (12 weeks)

Term 2 (12 weeks)

Term 3 (13 weeks)

Term 4 (12 weeks)

Co-op Term

52 weeks in class including breaks
48 weeks* co-op
*956 hours

ILAC Level 14 or IELTS 6.0

English Progression

IELTS 6.5 +


Fees & Start Dates*:

International Student Price


Total program duration 1912 hours (98 weeks)
Students must complete 956 hours of paid work experience hours in addition to the courses listed below, for a total of 1912 hours.

BUS 100 – Business Computing
Discusses and evaluates how information systems and communication technologies can be used to meet business requirements. This course will teach you how to apply tools and features to produce information for business purposes.

BUS 101 – Small Business Fundamentals
Students will examine the characteristics and operation of small business in the Canadian context.

BUS 102 – Academic Skills for Business
Students will demonstrate vocabulary acquisition and use, and apply reading, note taking, critical thinking, writing and oral presentation skills in a business context.

BUS 105 – Business Communications
Covers current communication theories for business situations and examines personal factors, behaviours and interpersonal skills in business situations.

BUS 110 – Applied Computing
Students will use advanced software features to develop computer-based solutions for business problems that improve productivity and efficiency.

TOUR 100 – Tourism Industry
Discusses the various types of travel, codes of conduct expected of employees, key terminology used within the industry, the growth of tourism, and the professional development of employees.

TOUR 101 – Accommodations
Discusses the various types of accommodations around the world, codes and language commonly used in the industry, as well as relevant calculations.

TOUR 102 – Airline Industry
Provides you with the knowledge and skills to counsel and sell airline related products in a retail or wholesale business environment.

TOUR 103 – Amadeus
Amadeus is one of the major Global Distribution Systems in the world. This course will teach you everything you need to know about making airline reservations.

TOUR 104 – Career Days (4 in Total)
Get exposure to the travel and tourism industry through onsite visitations or guest speakers.

TOUR 105 – International Fare Structures
Learn how to calculate international airfares and counsel clients on the best routing and price that meets their needs.

TOUR 106 – Professional Selling Skills
This unit provides you with the knowledge and skills to identify a client’s needs, match the correct product, and close the sale.

TOUR 107 – Total Client Management
Learn the importance of documentation, health requirements, travel insurance, and the process for changing airline tickets.

TOUR 108 – SABRE Red
The SABRE Computer Reservation course provides you with the knowledge and skills to complete a travel reservation using the live SABRE Red reservation system to book airline flights, hotel reservations, and ground transportation.

TOUR 109 / 110 / 111 – World Destinations 1-3
The World Destinations parts 1-3 provides you with the knowledge and understanding of key tourism destinations, their major attractions and geographical point across the globe.

TOUR 112 – Lifestyle Tourism
Learn the ins and outs of the various niche markets that are an essential component of today’s tourism industry.

TOUR 113 – Ground Transportation
Focuses on providing you with the knowledge and skills to counsel and sell rail, auto, and motor coach related products in a retail or wholesale business environment.

TOUR 114 – Tours
Become familiar with tour operators and their insurance products as well as the way to combine products to create a customized itinerary.

TOUR 115 – Professional Development
Prepares students to become lifelong learners as industry professionals who are capable of keeping up with current industry trends and practices.

TOUR 116 – Marine Transportation
Gain the knowledge and skills to counsel and sell cruise products. Learn the difference between mass market and specialty cruises plus what the current trends are.

TOUR 117 – Group Travel Design
Learn all the necessary steps to confidently plan, organize, sell, and operate a group tour.

TOUR 118 – Tour Guiding
Provides you with the knowledge and skills to research, compose, and deliver a local city tour.

CDEV 101 – Career Development
Resume preparation, interview techniques, life skills, and the correct use of grammar in a cover letter will all be covered in this course.

TRP 100 – Tourism Research Project
This is a self-driven project with little supervision, intentionally designed to build self-motivation skills. This will help build time management, stress management, and priority setting skills.

This program has been approved for delivery by the registrar of the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB). International Students: This program is not eligible for Postgraduate work permit program (PGWPP). To be eligible for a PGWPP you must transfer to one of our pathway institutions. For more details, please visit our international students’ page.

Employment Opportunities

A career in tourism can take you anywhere, from adventure tour operator to travel consultant. With education and experience in this field, you can create a career catered to your specific interests and skills. The options are endless! The following are some examples:
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