Hospitality & Resort Business Management with Co-op

More than just hotels — think resorts, restaurants, cruise ships, and more! Get the skills and knowledge in all the key areas of hospitality, including human resources, accounting, marketing, and food and beverage. Our Hospitality programs offer students the opportunity to train and gain knowledge in key areas of the Hotel and Resort Management industry. Focusing on Human Resource Management, Accounting and Marketing along with training on direct operations such as Food and Beverage and Resort Management. Gain expertise and knowledge which directly links with the business today.

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Hospitality & Resort Business Management

2 Year Diploma with Co-op

Term 1 (12 weeks)

Term 2 (12 weeks)

Term 3 (11 weeks)

Term 4 (12 weeks)

Co-op Term

52 weeks in class including breaks
48 weeks* co-op

*940 hours

ILAC Level 14 or IELTS 6.0

English Progression

IELTS 6.5 +


Fees & Start Dates*:

International Student Price


Total program duration 1880 hours (94 weeks)
Students must complete 940 hours of paid work experience hours in addition to the courses listed below, for a total of 1912 hours.

BUS 100 – Business Computing
Discusses and evaluates how information systems and communication technologies can be used to meet business requirements. This course will teach you how to apply tools and features to produce information for business purposes.

BUS 101 – Small Business Fundamentals
Students will examine the characteristics and operation of small business in the Canadian context.

BUS 102 – Academic Skills for Business
Students will demonstrate vocabulary acquisition and use, and apply reading, note taking, critical thinking, writing and oral presentation skills in a business context.

BUS 105 – Business Communications
Covers current communication theories for business situations and examines personal factors, behaviours and interpersonal skills in business situations.

BUS 110 – Applied Computing
Students will use advanced software features to develop computer-based solutions for business problems that improve productivity and efficiency.

HOSP 101 – Food Operations Management
Gain the skills to become an effective food service manager in a highly demanding environment.

HOSP 102 – Human Resource Management
Learn why human resources is an important aspect of business management and be guided through an overview of current human resource practices.

HOSP 103 – Hospitality Sales and Marketing
Understand the concepts of sales and marketing and gain effective strategies and practical applications critical in today’s hospitality industry.

HOSP 104 – Resort Management
Gain an overview of the resort industry operating in the various market places today and explore both the impact of development on operations along with managing the operation in various settings. Additionally, the uniqueness of timeshare resort operations, specialty resorts, cruise ships, and casinos will be discussed.

HOSP 105 – Accounting for the Hospitality Industry
Learn how to track and record all important activities regarding the creation of monetary inflows of sales revenue and monetary outflows of expenses resulting from operating activities.

HOSP 106 – Housekeeping Management
Learn how the housekeeping department functions, how it fits into the complete hotel and its key responsibilities and duties.

HOSP 107 – Hospitality Industry Computers
Develop hands-on practical skills learning Hotellinx, the commercial front office software management system used in large North American and European properties. This will enable you to transfer from a college environment to a commercial environment.

HOSP 108 – Hospitality Security Loss and Prevention
Learn the theoretical application of the role of security and loss prevention in the hospitality industry. You will acquire the necessary skills to implement management policies and procedures as required by the industry. Gain a perspective on how to understand and contribute in a positive and professional way to work with guests and other members of the community who have a disability.

HOSP 109 – Hospitality Law
Explore why understanding hospitality law underpins the way in which all hospitality organizations conduct their day-to-day business. This course is designed to give you an overview of procedures and practices relating to the concepts of federal and case law.

HOSP 110 – Convention Management & Special Events
Explore the world of conventions from a property perspective as well as an event planning perspective and learn all aspects of managing events along with personal growth and confidence building activities, team dynamics and motivation.

HOSP 111 – Organizational Behaviour
Allows you to better understand the changing work place and how this effects the overall work place structure. Additionally, you will gain the knowledge, skills and abilities relating to values and self-leadership while demonstrating emotional intelligence.

HOSP 112 – Hospitality Supervision
Gain an understanding and theoretical application of the framework for Supervision and the management process.

HOSP 113 – Front Office Procedures
Explore the complex relationships between departments, technological advances, and unique front office tools. Learn about guest services in detail along with concepts involving property management systems and related applications.

CDEV 100 – Career Development
Resume preparation, interview techniques, life skills, and the correct use of grammar in a cover letter will all be covered in this course.

Field Trips
Learn first-hand by touring facilities, meeting industry professionals, and considering career options.

This program has been approved for delivery by the registrar of the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB). International Students: This program is not eligible for Postgraduate work permit program (PGWPP). To be eligible for a PGWPP you must transfer to one of our pathway institutions. For more details, please visit our international students’ page.

Employment Opportunities

A career in hospitality can take you anywhere from a five-star luxury resort, a cruise ship, or the very midst of a large-scale event. With education and experience in this field, you can create a career catered to your specific interests and skills. The options are endless! The following are some examples:

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